[TRANS] 140704 Jonghyun Twitter Update

@realjonghyun90 : 오늘 샵에서 우연히 연기자 고수씨를 봄 ㄷㄷ 짱잘 ㄷㄷ 왕잘 ㄷㄷ굳어서 어색하게 인사함 가실때`머리 잘하고가요` 하셨는데 씨쥐가 말거는줄.. 잘생겼댜.. 나도 연예인이라서 인증샷은 못찍고 고수풀사진이라도 올림

(Trans) @realjonghyun : I ran into actor Koo Soo-ssi at the hairdresser’s today *trembles*
jjang handsome *trembles* the most handsome *trembles* I froze and awkwardly said hello
he said ‘have a nice haircut’ as he was leaving and I thought I was talking to CG..
he’s so good looking..
I couldn’t get a picture since I’m a celebrity too so here’s a pic of coriander instead (coriander = “ko soo” in korean)

(eng trans by: @sullaem)


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