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[NEWS] SHINee′s Minho Shines in a Doctor′s Gown for ′Medical Top Team′

Everyone probably expected Minho to look great in a doctor′s gown, but still his shining looks managed to surprise yet again.

MBC′s Medical Top Team released stills from Minho′s recent first shoot for the drama.

Minho appears in the drama as Kim Sung Woo, a sensitive and kind cardiothoractic surgeon.

For the shoot, which took place at the Severance Hospital in Sinchon, Minho donned a doctor′s gown on top of an operating gown, perfecting his doctor look.

The still is from a scene that will air in the first episode.

On the day of the shoot, Minho had arrived earlier than anyone else, and approached his seniors first with polite greetings. He also asked for a lot of advice, showing his passion toward acting.

Minho commented after the shoot, “Shooting wrapped with high expectations. I′m sorry I couldn′t show everything I prepared because I was nervous, but I′ll continue to work hard in the future. I′ll do my best to put together a great piece with my seniors, director and staff.”

Medical Top Team will delve into the issue of discrimination in the medical service, and have its characters clash over such issues.

Photo credit: A Story

Source; mwave


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