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[TRANS] 130714 SHINee Me2day Update

[SHINee] 오늘 상반기 결산 인기가요에서 ‘Dream Girl’ 어떠셨어요? 날씨도 궂은데 저희와 함께 해 주셔서 정말 감사 드리고, 여러분 사랑에 너무 행복합니다! 앞으로도 계속 많이 응원해 주시고, 여름비 많이 오니까 항상 우산 챙기셔서 비 조심 하세요!^^

[SHINee] How was ‘Dream Girl’ at today’s first-half-of-the-year special on Inkigayo? Thank you very much for being with us even though the weather is bad. And we’re so happy because of all your love! Please continue to support us a lot. Summer rain is coming down a lot, so please always have your umbrellas and be careful of the rain!^^

Translated by kimchi hana @


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