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[TRANS] 130517 SHINee World J + PLUS Staff Blog Update – Minho

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Extraordinary reflexes!

Hello everyone at SHINeeWORLDJ+PLUS.

It‘s only May but you can already feel the heat of summer everyday!

I thought that I survived the pollen season but soon one T-shirt won’t be able to conceal my beer belly! With that in mind, I started commuting to work by bike!

Not only am I getting exercise but also free from the steaming hot and crowded train~♪


There’s a picture of Minho having fun riding a bike(?) at the filming location so I’m revealing it.

Although I also wanted to try this bike(?) out, it was really difficult. (sweats)

But Minho immediately got hold of the balance and rode it with ease!

I wish he could share his outstanding athletic reflexes and the length of his legs (laughs)!

T/N: The staff doesn’t know what the exact name of the bike is. Hence the question mark.

Translated by: supreme1 @
Pic credit: minoutshine


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